We have been in our profession and worked together as a team long enough to have an efficient and effective way of working.

Alongside this we have the flexibility and vision to be able to provide a highly personalised service, built around every individual and business we work with.

For clients, this means you will enjoy advice and support that is geared specifically towards you or your business, but also reap the rewards of our extensive experience when it comes to knowing how best to achieve your desired results.

How We Work

There are six stages to the financial planning process:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Financial Review
  3. Research and Planning Analysis
  4. Presentation of our Recommendations
  5. Policy arrangement and Implementation
  6. Review – Ongoing care and advice through our Ongoing Service

The starting point for us as Chartered Financial Planners is to getting to know you.  We do this during our Initial Consultation and start to build a picture about you and your objectives.

One of our strengths is building long lasting relationships, and we believe that this is fundamental to ensuring we can work together and help you achieve your goals.

Once we have a full picture of your current circumstances and your goals and aspirations we can take this information and build the perfect recommendation for your needs.

Should we make a recommendation that requires any action we will assist you with the paperwork, process this on your behalf and liaise with the provider to ensure all the arrangements are implemented.

At this point you may not require any further help, however in many instances clients feel that they would benefit from our ongoing adviser service to ensure their financial planning remains on track.